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Gisela Ueberall

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Colourful Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Why add a Gisela Ueberall to your collection?

Gisela’s abstract colour paintings introduce a vibrant flair, designed to modernise any space. The artist’s use of bold, statement colour, effortlessly builds intrigue within any space, whilst her use of more neutral tones balances the composition to suit a range of interior designs. A Gisela Ueberall is the perfect way to re-energise home interiors, and can be styled to complement existing modern collections, or as a standout focal piece. 

About Gisela’s Work 

Gisela intuitively pairs bold colours against neutral backgrounds, creating decorative abstract artworks that are vibrant, yet tastefully understated. Working with a spectrum of colours, from fiery oranges and reds, to calming indigo blues, the artist creates luminous colour splashes, reminiscent of the natural world. Her work exploits abstract, yet familiar designs to garner intrigue amongst her audience. Her luminous handling of colour and light is reminiscent of bubbling lava and cool twinkling geode crystals. Gisela’s paintings captivate the viewer through this luminous application of colour, bringing the composition to form a harmonious whole. She works on canvas at a range of sizes, from 40cm wide accent pieces, to large statement artworks that measure a metre in width. 

Gisela’s early work was influenced by the fluid Surrealist compositions of Salvador Dalí. Over time she moved away from this fine detail, but retained a focus on colour and composition, which have subsequently become core elements of her distinctive style. Her interest in the simplicity of form and natural colours that reflects her optimistic attitude to life, and attention to worldly elements that are not necessarily noticed by all. Working with acrylic on canvas, Gisela builds texture with paint, adding dimensionality to her work that reinforces its presence in any interior. 

Styling Ideas
Gisela Uberall customer photo
Gisela Uberall customer photo

The artist’s pairing of bold and neutral colours presents a versatility of display to her work. The vibrant hues can be styled to complement similarly colourful interiors and existing collections, or can be introduced as a statement pop of colour to more traditional home designs. Her range of sizing offers a piece to suit every space in need of a modernisation and refresh. 

About The Artist

Gisela Ueberall was born in Bunde, Germany in 1955. She has been working as a freelance artist since 1982 and is based at her studio in Germany. Ueberall has exhibited worldwide, including in the UK, Belgium, France, Japan, Canada and the USA.