Gerhard Nesvadba

Gerhard Nesvadba

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Traditional Floral Landscape Paintings

Why add a Gerhard Nesvadba to your collection?

Following his debut exhibition in Austria at the age of 27, Gerhard Nesvadba’s artistic career blossomed with a remarkable string of European exhibitions, throughout his 30s. His enchantingly tranquil scenes have continued to be popular amongst collectors ever since, and make a captivating addition to any collection. His detailed approach and timeless subject matter is wholly traditional in style, although his vibrant use of colour brings an attractive modernity to his work.

About Gerhard’s Work

Having travelled extensively throughout Europe, Gerhard found his passion for the landscapes that occupy much of his work. A detailed attention to flowers introduces a splash of cheerful colour to each piece. From vibrant red poppies to soft washes of lavender, the artist captures the warmth of the Summer breeze as it moves through the floral fields. Gerhard exhibits a masterful command of composition, light, and colour, with an approach to capturing the natural world that exceeds reality. His Romantic and beautifying style identifies only the most captivating aspects of the landscape and preserves them in acrylic paint. Each landscape balances the bright colourful fields with cool blue skies, dusted with soft fluffy clouds, making for compositions that exude tranquillity and charm.

As predominantly large scale works, Gerhard’s paintings lend themselves to precision and detail. He has developed his own artistic language, drawing from the movement and energy of Impressionism, whilst offering a curated beauty that is most often found in branches of Romanticism. The result is a body of landscape works that are inviting, evocative, and truly beautiful in execution. 

Styling Ideas

Gerhard’s work is quintessentially traditional in both subject matter and style, but equally look at home in contemporary interiors as the artist plays with a modern use of bold colour. Working predominantly on larger canvases, many of Gerhard’s paintings are styleable as statement pieces, designed to be the focal point of a room.  His works look fantastic introducing a pop of colour to neutral interiors, and their vibrancy similarly allows them to nestle amongst existing colourful collections.

About The Artist

Gerhard was born in Germany in 1941, and moved to Austria at the age of two. As the son of a successful painter, Gerhard grew up constantly painting and drawing, and his artistic aptitude was recognised from a young age. He has since enjoyed a decade-spanning artistic career, and his work is cherished by his many collectors.