Fabio Constantino

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Why add a Fabio Constantino to your collection?

Fabio Constantino is an Italian artist, revered for his distinctive, expressive style of seascape painting. Fabio’s artworks bring calm to every space they are displayed in, and are perfect to introduce soft colour to any room.

About Fabio’s Work

Fabio’s originals have a fresh and modern approach to the traditional subject of seascape artworks. He mainly works with oils with a gentle palette of colours in his paintings. He studied at the Academy of Modern Art in his home town and showed great promise from an early age.

At the beginning of his career he was firstly heavily influenced by the work of the Renaissance masters and his first paintings were classical in style. Furthermore in 1996 he embarked on an extensive period of travel around Europe where he was exposed to a whole range of new artistic styles and teaching methods. Certainly the gentle artworks  with contemporary approach are proving to be popular within the gallery.

Styling Ideas

Fabio’s signature use of a soft palette brings a palpable calm to a space whilst still feeling refined, through his intuitive minimalist mark making.  His contemporary style effortlessly complements modern interiors. All the same, the artist’s timeless seascapes are equally suited to more traditional tastes.

About The Artist

Born in 1952 in the Italian city of Naples.  Fabio studied at the acclaimed “L’Academia di Arte Moderna”. Earlier influenced by renaissance painters, his painting style was classical. However, from 2000 onwards, his style transformed into the contemporary style that he is known for today and his works have now gained a reputation in many countries all over the world.  He has participated in a great number of national and international art exhibitions and his work is widely held in several private collections.