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Emma Forrester

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Uplifting Contemporary Still Life Paintings

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Emma’s style is quirky, colourful, and perfect to introduce a splash of understated charm to any interior. Her Still Life subjects echo centuries of a rich visual history, and lend a welcome familiarity to her scenes. Emma’s beautiful paintings of ceramics take pride of place in the homes of collectors across the country, with many owning multiple pieces by the artist. Her paintings are complementary to a range of interiors, both modern and traditional, allowing her work to nestle seamlessly into many existing art collections.

About Emma’s Work
Born in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of the pottery industry, Emma and her family have a life-long appreciation of ceramics. Her Still Life scenes often reference pottery items, both in their content and ornate, decorative styling. Emma works in an expressive style to capture a liveliness within everyday objects; constructing charming and quirky scenes with teapots, and vases filled with flowers. Emma works across a range of sizes for her acrylic paintings, extending from pieces under 50cm, to over a meter in width. Each painting is graced by the artist’s use of bright and uplifting colours, which contribute to a sense of a whimsical liveliness within her work.

Emma predominantly works with acrylic paint on panels, although she has experimented with cold wax, oil paints, and collage materials to achieve her textured and layered style. Emma’s patterns overlap and merge to flatten out the picture plane, and transform what could be a simply representational Still Life into delicately abstracted artwork, exuding balance and harmony. There are aesthetic links to traditional Chinese and Japanese vases in the imagery of Emma’s Still Life works, whilst the convention of Still Life painting in the West is referenced in her composition too. Her paintings reference the traditional subject matter that has occupied artists for centuries, whilst bringing a contemporary twist through her aim to convey energy and emotion in her work.

“My paintings are created to evoke not simply the beauty of flowers, but also their vitality and strength. As images they demand attention and space – they refuse to be purely decorative. I try to create paintings which in some sense capture the movement of flowers. They are rarely static and I try not to pin them down as in a botanical illustration. Some paintings are quite abstracted as I try to convey the essence of the flower rather than portray it in a pictorial representation.”

Styling Ideas

Emma Forrester customer photo
Emma Forrester customer photo

Emma’s style and use of colour is modern, although her work is popular in even the most traditional homes of her collectors. Her quaint treatment of traditional subject matter allows her work to fit seamlessly amongst traditional collections and neutral interior designs, to introduce a tasteful flair of modernity. Emma’s abstracted designs are equally at home in bright and colourful contemporary settings, and complement quirky interior designs perfectly. The artist’s tender representation of everyday objects adds an intrinsic homeliness to her work, which nestles it perfectly into cosy home interiors.

About The Artist
Emma Forrester graduated in 1993 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and English Literature and, until recently, worked as a scenic artist on many West-End shows and Royal Opera House productions. She is now concentrating on creating and exhibiting her own paintings, and has shown with galleries and art fairs worldwide.