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Why add an Elisabeth Hadley to your collection?

Much of Elisabeth’s previous work has been on a commission basis, to both private and public clients. Elisabeth’s largest bronze statues have even become tourist attractions in the South West where she now lives. We are delighted to be able to make available her new limited edition bronze range of sculptures.

About Elisabeth’s work

Hadley commission

Elisabeth currently works from her studio in Brixham, Devon where she sculpts her beautiful, graceful and sensual figures. In 2005, she was approached to sculpt a life-size mermaid, which was cast in bronze and is now sited on private land at the mouth of the river Dart. Christened Miranda, Elisabeth’s mermaid has quickly become a landmark and a tourist attraction in the area.  In 2016 Elisabeth made a monumental sculpture for Brixham, one of the UK’s major fishing ports. She was commissioned to sculpt two life and a half size fishermen helming the wheel of a boat, as a memorial to the town’s fishermen, a tribute to a coast she is proud to call home.

Elisabeth is widely travelled having back packed through several countries, though it was visiting Kenya that was the most inspirational and sparked off a series of beautiful sculptures, which capture the poise and grace of the African form which is reflected in many of her recent sculptures.

Styling Ideas

Elisabeth’s sculptures would grace any corner of your home, and add gravitas to entrance hallways and reception rooms. Her serene Bronze sculptures are ideal for garden rooms and conservatories or a sheltered patio garden.

About the artist

Elisabeth was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, and her interest and talent for sculpting the human form first developed while studying for a B.A (Hons.) in Ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic. Her design work won her many opportunities, as a student Elisabeth was asked to sculpt the head of Mr. Bennett for the children’s programme ‘Take Hart’. She also won a competition to design a trophy for Sports Personality South West, which was executed in silver and porcelain on a mahogany base.

Elisabeth then spent a year with Aardman Animations as a freelance model maker, working on several TV commercials – Lurpak butter and Cadbury’s creme eggs, to name but two. Whilst still with Aardman, Elisabeth worked on the short animated film, War Story. As a result of having worked for Aardman Animations, Elisabeth was asked to be the voice of Wendy in Rex the Runt, a series of short plasticine animated films for Channel 4 television.

Though Elisabeth enjoyed her time with Aardmans she was keen to continue her studies and left after a year, having attained a three-year sponsorship to study at the Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture in Staffordshire. This is where Elisabeth gained her great knowledge of traditional sculpting techniques – anatomy, life drawing, life sculpting and mould making. Here, Elisabeth became successful in another design competition – a piece of her own sculpture translated to become a medallion for promoting the National World Wild Life fund for Nature.