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Debra Stroud

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Abstract Skyscape Paintings 

Why add a Debra Stroud to your collection? 

Debra Stroud’s paintings can be described in a single word: striking. Armed with a vibrant colour palette, captivating sceneries, and a passion for capturing the natural world, her paintings are statement pieces by design. These mesmerising seascapes have been sold by galleries and publishers to collectors all across the world, and make fantastic statement pieces for any space in need of some refreshing colour. 

About Debra’s Work 

Debra’s bold contemporary paintings are typically 100cm x 100cm, making them fantastic statement pieces for vast areas of wall. Her scenes capture the sky over the sea, in their most abstracted forms. The artist allows the blues of the water, and the orange tones of the sunset to deliver the story in her paintings. Whilst abstract in form, Debra does draw inspiration from specific places which have captured her attention. She is fascinated by the “magical colours and movement” of the skies and seas; whether it be the Seychelles with its ultra clear transparency and light, or the captivating energy of the Cornish seas. 

“I feel I am merely the vehicle for the message that flows through me to the canvas” 

Debra works with oil paints to transfer her ideas onto canvas. The artist’s passion for photography informs her work, and cites early inspiration in the Kodachrome photos that her father took of the sea, when she was a child. Working with soft layers of colour, Debra’s smoothly blends one shade into the next. Absent from any harsh lines or jarring marks, a fluid sense of peacefulness reigns throughout her work, lending an invigorating harmony to home interiors. 

Styling Ideas

As large-scale paintings, Debra’s abstract skyscapes are designed to make an impact in home interiors. Her vibrant, mid-toned colours can pair fantastically with light and dark-coloured walls alike. Debra’s paintings are perfect additions to rooms in need of a burst of colour – whilst simultaneously lending a soothing, calming presence to the space. 

About The Artist

Debra is a self taught artist, whose work can be found in many collections worldwide. Following an operation, the artist found her mind to be “completely filled” with the colour blue. From here, her painting evolved entirely. Conveying this preoccupation through her art was the “most natural way to express it”. Today, she is widely recognised for her abstract seascapes, with vast skies, and enticing bursts of colour. We are delighted that Debra has now returned to painting after a short break and now concentrates on painting originals. No Naked Walls are proud to be the sole distributor for her current collection of original paintings.