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David Brett

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Colourful Energetic Abstract Landscapes 

Why add a David Brett to your collection? 

David’s vibrant and uplifting abstract landscapes are the perfect way to introduce some cheerful colour to interior spaces. The artist’s unique style reimagines local landscapes through a kaleidoscopic design, making for intriguing and beautiful additions to any collection. David’s innovative reimaginings of nature are treasured by his collectors, and have been met with great reception across the world. 

About David’s Work 

David creates medium to large landscape paintings, typically between 60cm and 1 metre in width. His paintings are bright, colourful, and energetic by design, making for uplifting, mood-boosting additions to any collection. David aspires to bring a contemporary flair to the British landscape tradition, by introducing a vivid palette to a long-standing artistic tradition. He plays with light, colour and the structure of his scenes to create landscapes that are rooted more in the artist’s fantastical imagination, rather than a tangible place or space. David sources some influence from his surrounding countryside, although his work is ultimately inspired by mood, and creating an emotional response. His work, as a result, shifts between representation and abstraction. David translates experiences and memories into visual creations, heavily inspired by light and colour. 

David’s wide-ranging influences reflect the uniqueness of his own style. The artist has cited David Hockney and Wolf Kahn, both known for their playful use of colour,  as two key influences to his style. The Impressionistic vibrancy of Van Gogh and Cezanne have similarly inspired the structure of David’s landscapes, and styles as far-reaching as contemporary Mallorcan artists have influenced him. Overlays both complementary and clashing colours, with a variety of expressive brushes strokes, gestural mark-makings with palette knives, and various glaze and impasto techniques, to incorporate texture as a key part of the structure of each scene. 

Styling Ideas

David’s contemporary style is particularly suited to modern interiors. His large-scale colourful artworks make for exciting focal points, designed to bring intrigue to contemporary homes. David’s abstract landscapes are a fantastic way to introduce some colour to neutral interiors, by pairing his bold blues, reds, and greens against white, grey, or cream walls. Equally, his work is complementary to colourful interiors, and can be styled to introduce added texture and dynamism to a space. 

About The Artist

David received his  BA honours degree in Art and English from Oxford Brookes University and studied for an MA in Art History at the University of Reading. Now, he is based in London, and works as both a journalist for the London Evening Standard and as an artist. His decision to pursue his art training professionally emerged only in more recent years. Although David’s training is in art and he has painted all his life and has chosen to pursue it professionally in recent years. His works have sold to clients both in the UK and around the world.