Csaba Kiss

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Realistic Still Life Paintings


Why add a Csaba Kiss to your collection? 

Kiss’ paintings are timeless, traditional pieces, crafted to bring a touch of a class to any collection. His luxurious Still Life scenes are true works of Fine Art, and offer a level of realism that simply demands attention in any space. 

About Csaba Kiss’s Work 

Kiss’ small Still Life scenes offer a traditional art style, inspired by historical works of Fine Art. The artist’s light colour palette offers an uplifting and refreshing feel to home interiors, bringing the style into the 21st century. 

Working with oil paints, Kiss expertly handles light and colour to achieve his Still Life pieces. 

His detailed approach to capturing fruits, wine bottles, and fine china has gained his work favour amongst collectors seeking a tasteful addition for their homes. 

Kiss’ exquisite attention to detail shines through in his Still Life paintings. Combined with a “lyrical” personal touch, his artworks have been described as both intimate and enchanting – perfect to introduce a focal point on smaller wall spaces in the home. 


Styling Ideas

Kiss’ traditional style is especially suited to similarly styled collections. The neutrality of colour in his work lends itself to pairing with a range of existing paintings including landscapes, portraits, and floral scenes. The level of detail in Kiss’ small and medium-sized paintings commands attention in home interiors. They can be effortlessly styled as a focal point in areas of smaller wall space, or paired with the works of other artists, such as Ronald Berger and Zoltan Preiner, to achieve an eclectic “gallery wall” design. 

About The Artist

Destined for greatness, Kiss is the son of a renowned mural artist, and was taught to paint by one of Hungary’s most renowned painters, Imre Vincellier. He continued his studies at the School of Art in Szeged, as well as the Academy of Art in Szombathely where he later achieved his diploma as a Professor of Drawing. 

Kiss’ skill has found his talents applied to various commissions for renowned companies including Coca Cola and Pepsi. Finding international acclaim, he has held exhibitions in Russia and Austria, and was commissioned by the Order of the Societas Sancti Francisci Salesii to restore churches and paint new frescos in Argentina, in 2002.