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Celia Wilkinson

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Large-Scale Abstract Landscapes

Why add a Celia Wilkinson to your collection?

Celia’s powerful abstract acrylic paintings have graced the collections of galleries and museums throughout the country, including the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Her work can also be found in the homes of numerous collectors, many of whom are proud to own multiple pieces by Celia. Her distinctive vibrant and colourful style is highly collectable, and perfect for making a statement in any space.

About Celia’s Work

Celia’s abstract landscapes are medium to large scale, with some of her grandest pieces reaching over 200 centimeters in length. Celia’s paintings are largely based around the lush green local landscapes of Niton on the Isle of Wight, although she has also sourced her inspirations from locations further afield. A number of icy blue snowscapes were inspired by the mountainous landscapes of St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps, whilst Celia also drew upon the unspoiled Australian outback for some of her more warm-toned arid landscapes. Celia’s paintings are not purely influenced by the aesthetics of a location, however, as she finds inspiration in the feeling and atmosphere of the environment too. She paints from memory to capture the essence of a time and place, rather than just a visual snapshot representation.

“I don’t just paint what I see…  it’s as much about what I feel; My paintings say what I can’t put into words.”

Celia’s work is particularly concerned with the dismantling and reconstruction of the scene, to produce a unique and engaging abstraction. When piecing her scenes back together, Celia’s landscapes are recognisable from a distance, but become increasingly distorted and painterly upon closer inspection. As the artist reconstructs her scenes from memory, colour forms a key feature at this stage. Natural qualities remain present in the summery greens and autumnal oranges of Celia’s paintings, but she also intuitively adds splashes of colour and depth to enliven the scene beyond its worldly qualities. Her work is influenced by notable Tate alumni including Patrick Heron, Paul Nash, Paul Klee, and Pablo Picasso, as she feels these artists have broken traditions of landscape painting with their individualistic styles of mark making.

Styling Ideas

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Customer Photo

Celia’s large-scale works are statement pieces by design, and are typically acquired by collectors for this very purpose. Many have chosen to give Celia’s work pride of place in key design areas, including over sofas, and above fireplaces. Her detailed yet abstracted style lends itself to both close and distanced viewing, allowing her works to seamlessly complement dynamic home interiors. Celia’s abstract style is exceedingly contemporary, and has found itself popular in the traditionally-decorated homes of collectors, seeking to create a tasteful contrast within their collection. The artist’s careful pairing of colours allows her to create impactful artworks without the necessity of a garish palette. The energy flowing through even her most subtle paintings continues to bring a dynamism to its surrounding interior. Her varied colour palette boasts a wealth of paintings that are complementary to a range of existing interior designs, both modern and traditional.

About The Artist 

Celia attended Central School of Art for her Foundation Degree, before receiving her BA Hons in Fine Art at St. Martin’s School of Art. She continued to live and work in London, before relocating to the Isle of Wight in 2001, where her current studio is based. Celia continues to enjoy a successful career as an artist, since devoting her full time to her artistic practices in 1997.