Carol Grant

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Atmospheric Abstract Landscape Paintings

Why add a Carol Grant to your collection?

Carol’s work is cherished by many collectors, who have sought to add an atmospheric and intriguing landscape to their homes. Her abstract style and subtle colour palette makes for sleek, contemporary, and truly enchanting artworks 

About Carol’s Work 

Carol’s abstract landscape paintings are focussed on the relationship between land, sea, and sky. She explores how these elements interact through modern and expressive artistic techniques. Carol works with a subtle use of colour to achieve an atmospheric depth within her paintings. Her works vary greatly in size, from small framed prints to large meter-long canvas paintings, all featuring her distinctive shadowy and ethereal style. For her larger pieces, Carol paints with acrylic on canvas, whilst using a monoprinting technique for smaller works. 

Carol has suggested that monoprinting allows her to explore her subjects through “expressive, intuitive, painterly mark making” which later informs her painting style. In this sense, her prints can be viewed as preliminary designs of her raw ideas, although they visually exist as complete artworks in their own right. The artist feels that working between the two mediums allows her to evaluate and develop her ideas. Depending on the atmospheric conditions and intended mood, Carol’s work ranges from an expressionist use of colour and mark-making, to very detailed images of specific places and seasons. She uses texture within her paintings to create an illusion of depth and perspective, which establishes a ‘Turneresque’ quality within her work. 

Styling Ideas

Carol’s Turneresque use of colour, with subtle oranges, browns, and greys makes for timelessly traditional elements within her artworks. These pieces perfectly complement classical landscape designs, whilst bringing a fresh new element of dynamism that many seek to introduce to their collections. Equally, Carol’s work offers a contemporary minimalist style that hangs beautifully in sleek and simplistic modern interiors. The artist’s consistency in size and style makes her work highly collectable, and her pieces look fantastic when hung together and styled a diptych or triptych. Many of Carol’s monoprints are available in stylish white frames, complementary to a range of interior designs.

About The Artist

Carol received her Masters degree in Fine Art Print from Wimbledon School of Art in 2000, after studying at Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College, Farnham, Surrey for her BA (Hons) Fine Art. She has exhibited in galleries and Art Fairs around London and South East England, and her work can be found in many private collections.