Ania Pieniazek

Ania Pieniazek

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Colourful Modern Still Life Paintings

Why add an Ania to your collection? 

Fun, uplifting, and bursting with colour, Ania Pieniazek’s Still Life paintings present a modern twist on a painting style steeped in history. Her cheerful creations imbue everyday objects with a certain charm, making for quirky additions to home interiors. Ania’s paintings have become firm-favourites with collectors across the country, introducing a unique and treasured addition to their walls. 

About Ania’s Work 

Ania’s colourful and uplifting Still Life paintings are inspired by the world around her. Looking to fruits, flowers, her pet cat named George, these charming domestic scenes capture the wonder in the everyday. Detailed floral vases sit upon tables laid for breakfast, accompanied by piping-hot pots of tea, and freshly brewed cafetieres. Ania’s inviting scenes capture the essence of social gatherings, and her vibrant colour palettes channel the joy of being surrounded by family and friends.

Ania’s quirky style presents a contemporary take on Still Life painting, suiting her paintings to modern and more traditional home interiors, alike. Working with acrylic and oil on canvas across a range of sizes, from around 60cm to over 1m in width, Ania’s paintings are suited to a range of spaces. Vibrant yellows, greens, and pinks appear throughout her work, and offer an uplifting addition to home interiors. 

Styling Ideas

With many paintings measuring 1m in width, Ania’s larger pieces are perfect additions behind sofas and over beds. These large-scale and landscape-oriented pieces create an excellent focal point in a room, and her vibrant colours can be selected to complement existing home decor. Ania’s smaller pieces offer the same vibrant palette, and lend a welcome pop of colour to walls where space may be limited. Simple dark wooden tray frames finish the edges on these paintings, making them perfect to hang amongst your existing collection, as part of a trendy “gallery wall” style design. 

About The Artist

Born in Katowice, in Poland, Ania displayed a talent for art in early childhood. Ania attributes her artistic aptitude to her passion for art. She cites “an inner compulsion to be creative and many years of practice” as the drive behind her work. From the age of 10, she began to attend additional art classes and received tutoring from a number of well-established Polish artists. At 13, she received her first oil paints from her father, and has worked in the medium for over 30 years now. Ania works mainly on canvas in oil or acrylic, and likes to experiment with colours and shapes often creating the pictures from her imagination. Since moving to London in 2005, Ania’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and joint exhibitions. Her work is on display with multiple galleries throughout the UK, and can be found in the homes of collectors across the country.