Andrea Gill

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Colourful Minimalist Abstract Paintings.

Why add an Andrea Gill to your collection?

Andrea’s paintings are colourful, uplifting, and truly beautiful. Her large scale works are the perfect way to make a statement and introduce a refined vibrancy to any space. She approaches light and colour with an expert eye, to nurture an exceptional depth within her paintings.

About Andreas’s Work 

Andrea works on large canvases to produce her abstract oil paintings, typically within the region of one meter in width and height. Her careful use of colour creates the impression of depth, with bold colour emerging from misty surroundings. The artist works with a limited colour palette in each piece, allowing her to manipulate a radiant splash of colour into her paintings, whilst maintaining an elegance and grace within the artwork. Her use of pure abstraction makes for an exquisitely decorative artwork, perfect for complementing existing interior designs and art collections. 

Andrea uses a palette knife to build up several layers of paint on her canvases, to craft her immersive abstract paintings. This creation of dimension lends a powerful impression and a vitality to her work. The artist has spoken of her paintings conveying more than what is just visible to the eye, by visually conveying a feeling or energy. Her paintings are heavily influenced by emotion, which is evident in the expressive fluidity of her work. Andrea views her creations as being distinct from worldly realities, instead working within her “own universe” to nurture a collaboration between light and colour. Her interest in colour resonates through her careful pairing of tones and hues, to achieve a truly harmonious artwork.

Styling Ideas

Andrea’s minimalistic abstract style is perfect for modern and contemporary interiors. The generous sizing of her work ensures that they will make an impact on their surroundings. At the same time, her subtle and tasteful use of colour allows her artworks to make a statement without being overpowering. Andrea’s work is most suited to collectors seeking a more subtle colour palette to add to their collection. The artist’s use of pure abstraction makes for a truly decorative piece, designed to complement existing collections and interior designs. 

About The Artist

Born in Provence in 1959, Andrea began showing an artistic aptitude from a young age. She studied at the Academy of Arts in Southern France, where she began to develop a painting style of her own, based upon emotion and energy.