Ali Mourabet

Ali Mourabet

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Colourful Contemporary Lebanese Paintings

Why add an Ali Mourabet to your collection?

Ali’s vibrant paintings capture the world around him in a joyful splash of colour. His contemporary Lebanese style has grown increasingly popular amongst collectors in recent years, and his work sits comfortably within this rich visual history of fine art. Ali’s uplifting cityscapes and multicoloured façades are the perfect addition to any collection in need of some vibrancy and vitality. The artist’s fondness for his subjects exudes a positivity in his work, designed to radiate into its surrounding environment.

About Ali’s Work

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Ali’s work is bursting with colour, and brightens any space to which they are introduced. He is a Damascus-born artist, who has spent the formative years of his life in Beirut. His urban themes stem from his background as an architect, evident in the artist’s masterful handling of geometric lines and shapes to create his charming structures. His quaint everyday scenes are also drawn from his life experience, inspired by the scenes he observed in Beirut, which are evidently very close to his heart. Whether capturing a rainbow of sunlit houses, or a cheerful beach scene, a positive and uplifting feeling of nostalgia is created within each and every artwork.

Ali works with acrylic paint on canvas to achieve a crisp colour definition in his work. His paintings are steeped in a deep tradition of contemporary Lebanese art, with notable names like Shafic Abboud, Etel Adnan, and Huguette Caland sharing his bright and bold colour palette. Through his paintings, Ali is motivated to share with his audience, the sense of peace and nostalgia that he feels when he creates each piece. 

Styling Ideas
Ali’s cheerful work is complementary to colourful interiors, and can equally be styled to introduce some fun and flair to more neutral home designs. His large artworks are designed to make an impact on their space, through the artist’s intuitive balancing of geometric shapes with more fluid and expressive features. Ali’s modern graphic and geometric style complements a range of contemporary interiors, but his quaint scenery speaks to more traditional themes and interests, all the same. His art style is referential in inspiration, yet wholly unique in its execution, and makes for a truly distinctive and aesthetically pleasing collection.

About The Artist
Ali began his career as an architect in 1976, and started to pursue fine art professionally the following year. Throughout his artistic career, Ali has also been a caricaturist for magazines and newspapers, and his work was selected for use on promotional materials by Unicef. He has exhibited his work in his home country of Lebanon, as well as in the UK, France, and in the United States.